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Kanban System

Efficiency starts with undisturbed production. With the Stafa Kanban System, your inventory process is optimized. Advanced technology, including RFID, ensures the continuous analysis of purchase data. Stocks are replenished on time to avoid production delays, likewise when production changes and schedules do occur then the parameters are adjusted accordingly. In this way, we keep the processes efficient and the costs low. Our Kanban System ensures significant cost savings in various areas:


  • Management costs
  • Administration costs
  • Stock costs
  • Personnel costs
  • Packaging waste stream

The fasteners product group generally includes a wide variety of items, which need to be managed and ordered on an ongoing basis in order to guarantee the continuity of the production process. No matter how advanced a machine is, without the right fasteners there is nothing to assemble. The production or assembly process then comes to a stop, with all its consequences.

Undisturbed production

The Stafa Two-Bin System ensures undisturbed production, because just-in-time deliveries align the stock levels with the processes. Our Two-Bin specialists continuously monitor offtakes and adjust where necessary. As a result, you are assured of an optimal stock process. A permanent contact person manages your data and interests. A personal approach is therefore essential and that is how Stafa always works.

Fully automated

With our innovative Kanban system, you no longer need to order individual components. Everything is fully automated. The RFID scanner detects empty bins. Additional items are ordered immediately and delivered as quickly as possible. The display in the RFID panel informs you about the ordering process. With the touchscreen you can look up more data or make changes if necessary. Naturally, this information is also available via an online portal (PC, tablet, mobile with Android).


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