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HV Bolts EN 14399

Stafa is the European supplier of HV bolts. Stafa has access to a large stock of structural bolts which meet the current international standards.


  • Preloaded bolt/nut/washer assemblies
  • Certified according to EN 14399-4-6 / 10.9 K1 (nut lubricated with MoS2)
  • Hot dip galvanized according to ISO 10684

The ‘HV’ mark comes from the German term ‘Hochfest Vorgespannt’. This refers to a HV preloaded bolt, applied in a bolt/nut/washer assembly according to the EN 14399/4-6 standard. These bolt connections are used in preloaded steel constructions. Stafa guarantees that bolt/nut/washer assemblies are supplied in accordance with the specifications for the standard.

EN 14399 requirements

  • Bolts, nuts, washers shall be supplied together as a set by one manufacturer
  • High-strength structural bolting assemblies are suitable for preloading in accordance with EN 1090-2 in steel structures
  • All according to EN 14399-1 general requirements and EN 14399-2 Suitability for preloading

Marking of bolts, nuts and rings for EN 14399

  • Bolts: Property class, manufacturer ID, HV, lot number
  • Nuts: Property class, manufacturer ID, HV, lot number
  • Washers: H and manufacturer ID

Labelling for EN 14399

  • CE marking, consisting of the “CE”-symbol
  • Identification number of the notified production control certification body
  • Name and the registered address of the manufacturer, or identifying mark
  • Last two digits of the year in which the CE marking was first affixed
  • Reference number of the DoP - No. of European standard applied, as referenced in OJEU
  • Unique identification code of the product-type
  • Intended use of the product as laid down in the European standard applied
  • Level or class of the performance declared
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