Everything starts with quality

Quality is not a one-off snapshot. Quality cannot exist without continuity. Monitoring, testing and further development, again and again, because there is always room for improvement and that is more than a noble aim at Stafa. Delivering high quality is a part of our DNA. Ever since Stafa started in 1977, there has been a firm conviction that quality paves the way to the future. We guard that foundation in various ways.

Product quality

Stafa's products comply with all legal standards and are largely CE approved. Stafa prefers to work directly with producers and these are almost exclusively certified manufacturers. Stafa has its own measuring room to test products and thus guarantee quality on the basis of AQL standards. Our quality control system consists of, amongst other things:

  • Checks for wire deviations
  • Optical checks
  • Hardness testing
  • Microscopic surface checks
  • Salt spray tests

Test results are carefully recorded and communicated as agreed. Product certificates are available on request.


Process quality

Stafa works in accordance with ISO 9001-2015 for the continuous optimization of processes. Every process has a function and every action is purposeful. Self-evaluation leads to self-knowledge and we translate this into concrete points for improvement. In this way, we keep our processes efficient, the costs under control and the quality at the desired level. Our investments in process quality thus contribute to higher customer satisfaction.


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