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As a production company, your stock of fasteners, such as bolts, nuts and washers, is an important link in the production process. After all, if one simple screw is not in stock, your entire process can come to a standstill. The technology of KanBan systems has proven itself over the years to counter this problem. But how would you feel if there were a distinctive and innovative system that not only automatically kept your stock up to date, but also provided full insight?

We supply a rack with 2 or more storage bins per article. Each bin has an RFID tag and contains enough stock until the next delivery. On the side of the rack is an RFID scan panel. Here you can easily scan an empty bin. The screen will then immediately indicate that the scanned article has been taken up for ordering.

Via a timer, these scanned articles are converted into an order at an agreed time. The screen then shows whether the order is 'in progress', 'picked' or 'dispatched', depending on how far the delivery has progressed. In this way, all up-to-date information is immediately visible on the shop floor and the purchasing department does not have to be constantly disturbed, which leaves them with more time


As soon as the order is received, it is stocked at ONE time by scanning 1 random item from the order. Empty bins are collected on a pallet and periodically picked up by us. This cycle is repeated continuously and ensures that your stock is always adjusted to your needs. Known periodic increases or decreases in stock requirements must be coordinated with our LogiBin department. Stafa works proactively, we monitor our customer's stock. If something is out, we see this immediately and take action by calling the customer. In this way, the continuity of the production process is always guaranteed.


Stafa Group is a low-threshold organization, so don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need information.

Chris Körver

Manager Supply Systems