Benefits of LogiBin

Always enough fasteners available. No risk of downtime, easier purchasing and lower handling and administration costs. Stafa makes this possible with the innovative LogiBin system. Discover how automation makes the difference.

Optimal stock flow

With the LogiBin system, you never run out of stock. The production process can therefore always continue.
Stocks are adjusted to requirements. Only a limited area of the production space is needed to hold stock, so no large warehouse is required.


Clear insights

Employees on the floor have direct insight into the status of an item via the RFID scan panel. Purchasers have direct insight into stocks and consumption of articles via the portal.


Savings in costs and time

Recording, requesting and ordering articles is no longer necessary. Everything is automated. Administrative purchasing costs are significantly reduced.


Completely unburdened

Stafa manages the complete goods flow of the articles and thinks along proactively in optimizing the stock. A permanent Stafa account manager monitors the articles daily and reacts proactively in case of exceptional consumption.


Reduce waste flow

Because the containers are delivered filled, no packaging material needs to be removed.


Stafa Group is a low-threshold organization, so don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need information.

Chris Körver

Manager Supply Systems