The Process

How does LogiBin work?

LogiBin stands for "Logistics Bin System. LogiBin is a smart method to ensure that there are always enough fasteners in stock, without requiring a lot of space. It is based on Kanban, a proven method for organizing processes efficiently. LogiBin is ideal for manufacturing companies in particular.

Step 1: inventory of needs

First we determine which items are eligible for LogiBin. Usually, these are the products with a high turnover rate. Then the desired quantity of items is determined for each bin. The content may vary, depending on the type of article and the consumption. There are always at least two bins of each article in the system, so that there is always sufficient stock until the next delivery.

Bakje met RFID

Step 2: system installation

Stafa supplies both the racks and the storage bins and ensures flawless installation. Two or more storage bins are placed per rack per article. Each bin is provided with a unique RFID label. A wireless RFID scan panel is attached to the side of the rack. This scan panel functions completely independently and only requires a power supply. Moreover, this panel is continuously connected to the customer portal where all relevant stock data can be viewed in real time.


Step 3: LogiBin in practice

When a bin is empty, the RFID label is scanned at the RFID scan panel. The inventory system then automatically creates an order for the relevant product. By means of a timer, this order is sent to Stafa at a fixed time. All scanned items are then bundled into a single order. Via the scan panel, employees can therefore easily follow the status of the ordered articles themselves, without having to involve a purchaser.

Lege bak scannen

Proactive in word and deed

The customer portal is not only accessible to our customers, but also to Stafa itself. This enables us to work proactively. If, for example, in highly exceptional cases the last bin of an article is scanned, which would mean that you would run out of stock, this will be reported automatically. We will then contact you to discuss whether additional action is required.


Flexibility is key

Does something change in the production process? Is there a question of upscaling or technical changes? No problem at all. Every customer has a fixed contact at Stafa. This enables us to switch quickly and adapt the LogiBin system so that "out of stock" never becomes a reality.


Stafa Group is a low-threshold organization, so don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need information.

Chris Körver

Manager Supply Systems