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Classic multi-purpose screw for wood constructing

This screw is the classic multi-purpose screw for wood constructing – high-class, fast and reliable! It is especially hardened for high solidity and slide coated to reduce the screw-in resistance. Thanks to the washer cap head, there is no separate use of washers required. That makes assembly times shorter and offers improved pullthrough values.

Multi+® timber construction screws button head Six lobe

  • Optimal screw thread over the entire length to the point.
  • Faster grip.
  • High extraction value.
  • Minimal chance of the wood splitting.
  • Pre-drilling not necessary.
  • Minimal tightening torque during fitting.
  • Perfect alternative to a coach screw.
  • Available from diamter 6x60 to 10x400 in steel zinc plated.
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