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SB Bolts EN 15048

Stafa is the European supplier of structural bolts. Stafa has access to an extensive and comprehensive stock of construction bolts that meet the current international standards.


  • Non-preloaded bolt/nut assemblies
  • Certified according to EN 15048-1 / 8.8 (ISO 4014 / 4032 and ISO 4017 / 4032)
  • Zinc plated CR3 (according to ISO 4042 / A2K)
  • Hot dip galvanized (according to ISO 10684)

The majority of steel constructions are composed with nonpreloaded construction bolts. Non-preloaded bolt connections must meet EN 15048, in which part 1 describes the general requirements and part 2, the suitability test. That’s why Stafa has access to an extensive and comprehensive stock of construction bolts that meet EN 15048-1. The manufacturer guarantees that the bolt/nut assemblies they supply meet the specifications set by this standard.

EN 15048 requirements

  • Bolts and nuts shall be packed and supplied in the original and unopened box
  • Bolts and nuts in a single connection must originate from one and the same manufacturer.
  • Oppervlaktebehandeling van bouten en moeren mag uitsluitend worden aangebracht onder controle van de fabrikant
  • Surface treatments on the bolts and nuts may only be applied under the manufacturer’s supervision.

EN 15048 marking of nuts and bolts

  • Property class marking
  • Special marking “SB” (Structural Bolting)
  • Identification mark of the manufacturer of the assembly

The label includes:

  • CE marking
  • Lotnummer
  • Reference to EN 15048-1
  • “SB” marking
  • Identification number of the certified authority and manufacturer
  • Dimension
  • Property class marking
  • Product designation (ISO standard for bolts ISO 4014 or 4017 and nuts ISO 4032)
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