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Under its own label, Stafa imports screws with unique revolutionary features that will make assembling easier, faster and better. Suitable for all types of wood. Multi+® consists of a full range.

Colour segmentation

Multi+® is available in user-friendly drop front boxes. All types are easily recognized by their unique coloured labelling which clearly shows the dimensions and the required driving bit. The label includes a drawing of the screw and information of the recess and the required bit; the size of the screw is shown in a larger font size.

Coloured labelling makes it easier to identify the type of the screw.


Succesful store concept

The full range of Multi+® consists of 8 different types of screws. 5 Metres of shelf space is needed for the optimal setup. This gives you a successful store concept with visual and functional attractive communication items. You can also use a part of the total setup: for example a certain type of screw or a limited number of boxes of various types. Anything is possible! We would be happy to recommend the right setup based upon the available space at your location.

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